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How Do I...

How Do I...
Make An Appointment / Obtain Telephone Advice / Request a home visit?

If you telephone the Medical Centre to make an appointment, you can request a telephone or a face-to-face consultation depending on your situation.  The Medical Receptionist will ask for a brief outline of the reason you are wishing to see the GP so that she can offer you an appointment with the most appropriate member of our Health Care team.

You will be offered the next available routine appointment for your doctor or ‘a doctor ‘ if you do not have a preference.  Our GPs have asked our Medical Receptionists to request details from our patients regarding the reason for the appointment so that they may make the appointment with the most appropriate member of our Health Care team. Please do not be offended when asked as this is part of their role and they are bound by strict confidentiality rules. They receive specific training in relation to respecting patient confidentiality.

We aim to provide enough appointments throughout the day to work with our current patient capacity and demand.  This knowledge is based on audits of existing data from our internal recording systems. However, there will be days when there are unpredicted events which can cause problems and the demand may outweigh our capacity.  We ask that patients understand our current pressures and be assured we are all working very hard for the benefit of our patients.   We cannot safely offer an unlimited amount of appointments and it may be necessary to wait until the next routine appointment. 

How do I request a home visit …..

If a home visit is requested this request will be allocated to duty doctor of the day.  The duty doctor may telephone you prior to visiting to assess the problems and advise on the best course of action to be taken.

If you think you may need a home visit we kindly request you contact us as soon as possible in the morning preferably before 10.30am.    If routine visits are requested late in the day it may not be possible to visit until the following morning.  

Please note that we do not routinely visit patients after discharge from hospital. If you have a problem and need a GP, then please contact the surgery to make the necessary arrangements.

How Do I....
Consent to Disclosure of Medical Information?

Under the Data Protection Act (1998) a person’s medical records can be accessed by:

  • the person themselves
  • a parent or guardian for children under 16 - although in some cases the child may be entitled to decide if this information is passed on
  • a friend or relative if they have the person’s written permission
  • a friend or relative if they have power of attorney

If you would like to authorise someone such as a family member, friend or carer, for example, to have access to your medical records, please download our Consent to Disclosure of Confidential Medical Information form and return it to our Registrations Department. The document will be scanned onto your Medical Records so that the staff at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre have your authority to share your medical information with your nominated person.

How Do I....
Obtain Test Results?

If you have had blood tests or x-rays organised by the practice the doctor will contact you by letter or telephone if any action needs to be taken. If you do not hear from us, then you can assume that no action is necessary. If you wish to check your results you can contact the receptionist who will be able to check our computer (between the hours of 1.30 and 4.30pm only.) Test results on average usually take a week to come back.

If you would like someone to contact the surgery on your behalf to obtain your results, then please advise the doctor or nurse who is taking the test to record their name on the computer. If you would like to give ongoing permission for this person to act on your behalf, please see the section on patient confidentiality.

Specimens are sent to the laboratory every weekday at 3.00pm. If you are asked to hand in a specimen, please ensure that we receive it by 1.45pm (weekdays only). Similarly, if you need a blood test please make an appointment in the blood test clinics only.

How Do I....
Register With The Practice?

Anyone living within our practice boundary is welcome to apply to register with us. Prospective patients are asked to provide the surgery with their medical card or details of their NHS number. This number should be obtained from your previous GP if you have lost your medical card. Our records clerk will be able to advise you which doctors are accepting new patients.

You can download our Application to Register Pack below. This contains details of all the information which we need to accompany your medical card when you come into the surgery to register.

Click here to download our Application to Register

Click here to download the Application to Register Under 5 Year Olds

 Patient Preference Of Practitioner

Whilst we will endeavour to meet your requests that a particular doctor should be your usual doctor, this may not always be possible. We try to keep the number of patients for each doctor fairly equal and there may be times when the doctor you wish to have as your "usual doctor" has too many patients already. If this is the case, we will notify you of the doctors who are able to accept new patients onto their usual patient list and you may choose from these. We will record your initial preference in writing on your computerised records, though in the meantime you may see any GP or other health care professional within the Practice, as long as they have free appointments and provide the service you require for your particular condition.

If you have any concerns or queries about this, please ask to speak to one of the records clerks.

How Do I...

Request a letter from my GP?

Click here to download our "Patient request a letter" form

When this form is handed to the receptionist at Burnham MC, we will request a payment of £30 (includes standard rate of VAT of £5) in advance.  This is the standard Non-GMS charge.  We will no longer accept requests without payment to ensure letters that are requested are collected from us.  If there is a further fee payable we will notify you and request further payment prior to us completing the form.  Once the payment has been made we will issue a receipt and a collection date which will be after 10 working days.  Please bring this receipt with you when you collect letter.

How Do I....
Change My Details?

Click here to download our 'Change of Address' form

Click here to download our 'Change of Name' form

It is essential to your health care that your NHS records are accurately maintained. Please inform the surgery if you change your name, status, address or telephone number. If you wish, you can do this by selecting the appropriate download (see above). You are asked to complete a form to ensure that your records contain accurate and up-to-date information. With any change of name you may be asked to provide documentation for confirmation of the details.

How Do I....
Access My Medical Records

(Including Access to records for deceased patients)

We hold information relating to our patients in two ways:-

1. In your handwritten medical records.
2. On our computer system.

Patients have the right to see information held by us (about themselves) under various Acts of Parliament. Our Patient Inflrmation sheet

 is intended to help you to understand how you can access your medical records and also explains how you may access records for deceased patients. Further in depth information can be obtained from the NHS Choices website

How Do I....
Obtain NHS Certificates Of Fitness To Work (FIT NOTE)?

(formerly Sick Note)

A fit note (or Statement of Fitness for Work) allows your doctor or other healthcare professional to give you more information on how your condition affects your ability to work. This will help your employer understand how they might help you return to work sooner or stay in work. Fit notes may also be called medical statements or a doctor’s note.

Your employer cannot demand a doctor’s certificate for the first seven days of a spell of sickness (including weekends).  If your employer requests a self-certificate for any part of the first seven days, then they should provide their own form for you.  Further information may be found by accessing the NHS Choices website and view the section 'When Do I Need a Fit Note'

How Do I....
Obtain advice for older people, carers, relatives and adults with care needs?

Should you require information on Community Services such as care & support, money & benefits, your home or keeping well etc. please contact Somerset Direct Adults Team, a free service from Somerset County Council for older people, carers, relatives and other adults with care needs.

Somerset Direct - Adults is a government initiative aimed at people over 60, their families and carers.  It is run as part of the local authority's Social Services Department.

Information and help for older people and adults with a disability:
Tel No: 0845 345 9133

How do I.....
Register for Patient Access?

Patient Access - A development in your healthcare at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre

What is Patient Access?

Patient Access is a service that allows you to view and make copies of certain aspects of your medical records at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre with no charge.  If you sign up to patient access you can:

  •  Order your repeat prescriptions
  • View your repeat medication list
  • View what immunisations you have had
  • View your recorded allergies/adverse reactions
  • View any coded information on your medical records eg test results, medical problems/diagnoses, operations (this option will be available before 31 March 2016)

 How does Patient Access work?

Patient Access is an encrypted web site that connects to your Practice EMIS clinical system where your records are stored. Think of it as a window into certain aspects of your Practice information.

Is Patient Access a free service?


Can I use Patient Access?

Yes – if you have access to a computer/mobile/tablet and go through the Patient Access registration process.

 (Please note that Patient Access is not available to patients aged 16 and under due to patient safety and cannot be over ridden)

How do patients register?

Come into Reception at Burnham Medical Centre (not Berrow) with either your passport or photo driving licence and request a Patient Access application or download a printable version here:

Patient Access Application Form


After processing we will send you a letter with your unique patient authorisation codes

Then you can follow the registration process via the EMIS Patient Access homepage

 Will my information be safe?

You will need to set up a password when registering your details with the site.

Security questions are asked in order to keep your medical information safe and are required when you are resetting your passwords.

The site is encrypted – for further information you can access the website:

Then you can follow the registration process via the EMIS Patient Access homepage

How Do I...
Obtain help with prescriptions costs?

A HC1 form is to help patients with low income to pay for prescriptions.  Click here to find out if  you are eligible and to download the HC1 form. 

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